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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Go lean to enhance on-site performance

Traffic acquisition is a tough game, especially in current times. However, it's a little easier if you know that you can drive more conversions from the same traffic than your competition can. This can be achieved by cutting on-site waste. We're all great at cutting the waste in acquisitions. If a campaign isn't bringing high quality traffic, it can be curtailed and budget taken elsewhere. There isn't quite as much expertise when it comes to driving landed traffic to convert. What strategies do you currently have in place for improving on-site content? Did you ever consider that you might be able to better exploit slightly weaker traffic by increasing the effectiveness of web content? If visitors from a particular campaign aren't converting then perhaps your website is at fault. Try some different approaches to landing page content and calls to action. Test approaches that take advantage of the intent the visitor has indicated in search or that fit with your off-site messaging. We've discovered that clients who use automated segmentation to discover best performing content for visitors from different sources drive significant improvements in performance. Lean websites cut the on-site waste. Content most likely to drive conversions is discovered by continually testing variations with live site visitors. Lean sites are those most effective at driving sales; they ensure that every last drop of potential is drawn from the visitors that hard-won budget has acquired. This improvement in performance isn't only felt on the bottom line, it's also great news for media buying metrics. With a lean, high converting website, you can afford to invest more in driving traffic, safe in the knowledge that the ROI threshold is lowered. In times of drought, this is how competitors can be squeezed out of the bidding for competitive search terms, leaving you with the pick of the crop and healthy market share. Mark Simpson is the MD of Maxymiser .

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