Study: Performance matters for VOD

A YouGov survey found that, among over 2,400 Internet users in the United Kingdom, few watch full-length video on-demand but most would watch reliable television on their computers, said NetImperative. The report also indicated that 85 percent of respondents have never downloaded a full-length TV show or film. 15 percent acknowledged having downloaded a television show, with 14 percent weighing in for whole movies. Most users blamed poor Internet performance for their disinclination to complete a full-length VOD. When asked what would make them more willing to download television shows and videos from the Internet, the majority responded with "speed of download" and "reliability," with only 13 percent of users claiming they were "not at all interested" in online video or television. The survey was commissioned by CacheLogic, which recently launched a Content Delivery Network designed to distribute DVD-sized files. CTO Andrew Parker expressed an optimistic perspective with regard to the data. "Consumers are clearly ready to use their PCs to watch TV shows and movies," he said. "We just need to provide the content quickly and efficiently." Source: Marketing VOX

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