Facebook sues adult website for hacking into servers

Facebook is suing Slickcash, a Canadian operator of adult websites, accusing it of unlawfully accessing its servers to steal data about its users.

The lawsuit, originally filed in June this year against 10 unknown individuals and 10 unknown companies, was amended to name Brian Fabian, Josh Raskin and Ming Wu, as well as Istra Holdings and SlickCash, as defendants.

Several remaining defendants have yet to be identified. Slickcash, which pays commissions to web publishers who direct users to its various pornography sites, is controlled by Istra Holdings.

According to the filed complaint, Look Communications, an internet service provider, turned over the internet protocol addresses for two computers, allowing Facebook to trace the information requests to the defendants.

The social networking site alleges that during a 15-day period between June 1 and June 15 this year the defendants tried to access information on Facebook's servers over 200,000 times using "an automated script that attempted to harvest information from other Facebook users".

David Chiappetta, Facebook's lawyer, said: "These requests for information from Facebook generated error messages and were detected as unauthorized attempts to access and harvest proprietary information belonging to Facebook.''

The legal filing claims the attack cost Facebook over $5,000 (£2,500).

Facebook is seeking undisclosed financial damages.

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