Facebook offers CPC internet advertising

Facebook has begun offering a new cost per click (CPC) Internet Advertising system as it looks to capitalise on the millions of users who use the site daily.

Since March last year the website has been offering self-service Flyer ads which allow marketers to reach Facebookers, but they have not performed as well as traditional Marketing methods, Click Z reports.

Now Facebook has introduced a pay per click model for Flyer ads, known as Flyers Pro. This allows advertisers to name the price they are willing to pay for each click and to target users based on criteria gleaned from their profiles.

Basic Flyer ads use information such as gender, age and region, but the Flyers Pro programme will allow advertisers to place ads based on keywords contained within profiles, and therefore based on favourite music or movies.

"We added the CPC pricing option to give more flexibility to advertisers and to better serve those running Flyers in order to get users to take an action, like visiting a Facebook event page or another website," a spokesman told Click Z.

The new method of selling internet advertising has found favour with industry figures.

Ian Schafer of the Deep Focus agency said: "I'd rather spend my money on standard ads on Facebook using a CPC auction-based platform than on low-CPM inventory. I actually think this is the solution for marketers who just want to show ads on the site, of which there are many."

Meanwhile, internet giant Yahoo has just launched a new social networking service called Mash. It allows users to edit one another's profiles.

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