Employees criticised for Xmas shopping from work

A new survey has estimated that UK companies stand to lose a total of 28.7m man hours over the Christmas period due to staff doing their shopping online.

The survey, by YouGov for a software security firm (reported in Computer Weekly), decides that the 45% of workers that admit to shopping from work will spend an average of 22 minutes a week doing so.

Of course, this is absolute rubbish, as we pointed out last year in response to a similar report, which estimated that Xmas shopping from work would cost the UK's firms a whopping £7bn.

We quoted a 2004 Eurest Lunchtime Report which revealed that only one in five workers in the UK take a full hour’s lunch break, and that the average lunch break was just 27 minutes long.

This figure is different for the 2006 report, but workers still only get an average of just 28 minutes, while one in five workers never takes a break, or is forced to eat at their desks.

Perhaps employers should giving workers a proper lunch hour, then they can do their Christmas shopping in their own time.

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