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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Do you get what you pay for with email marketing?

A good online marketer makes their budget stretch a long way. Now I employ an account management team full of them, I’m always gobsmacked by how far they used to make a little money go in their previous positions. At Adestra we’ve been involved in a number of pitches where the negotiations have been prolonged, complex and very different. However, there is one common attitude - getting the transmission rate as low as possible. In doing this, online marketers run the very real risk of cutting their noses off to spite their faces. Sending emails is not free - you’ve got to look at what you’re getting for your money.... How individual is that email? More advanced email technology includes dynamic content capabilities allowing marketers to build mass-customised designs with multiple personalisations from many different data sets. Sending a highly relevant, targeted email is proven to improve campaign response. If your partner does not have this technology could you be missing out on revenue benefits? How quickly can it be sent out? If your campaigns are time-sensitive, such as a last minute gambling offer before kick-off in the FA Cup, or a breaking news announcement, having slow broadcast speeds that take hours after the intended delivery date is pointless. If your partner can’t send at the rate you need, what effect will this have on your campaign performance? How likely is it to be delivered? Deliverability is a hot issue. Getting delivered into the inbox and not getting caught in spam filters prevents brand damage and boosts campaign performance. High profile products like NatMag’s Jellyfish magazine failed because of problems with Hotmail. Not all sending technology is the same, and a key differentiator is what deliverability offerings can be supported. The financial risk of being blacklisted and your emails no longer being delivered, or the lost revenue if they are delivered into junk items, could make a significant dent in your revenue. Do I have anywhere to turn to help take my email strategy on? Having great technology is exciting but can’t be useful if you don’t know how to use it - it’s like having a Ferrari but not knowing how to drive it. Having people to help support you on your email marketing journey providing hints, tips, tactical advice and strategic guidance is essential to getting the best use of this technology. Sending email can be done using the BCC field. Sending highly effective, targeted one-to-one messages that are delivered into the inbox, generate a result and support your company’s corporate strategy cannot be done using the BCC field. Trying to get the cheapest email transmission rate can cloud the other factors to consider, factors that will allow you to make the most from your email marketing. Henry Hyder-Smith is the managing director of Adestra.

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