eBay 'sorry' over policy change

Auction website eBay has apologised for not giving sellers enough notice about a change to the way it lists items. Until recently, items put up for sale by eBay customers on the UK site automatically appeared in the search results on the bigger American ebay.com site. But since February, the most common 'simple search' on ebay.com only brings up items for sale by US sellers. It is still possible for American users to find items listed by UK sellers, but only by clicking on the 'advanced search' option. 'Decimated' Several Working Lunch viewers have contacted the programme angry about the changes. Peter Jones says his business has been 'decimated', with sales down 90%. Mr Pugh emailed to say that 'what I once sold in a day now takes over a week'. The .com is important to sellers as it receives many more hits than the UK site, as well as providing easy access to 300 million American consumers. Quirk Ebay say they've changed the policy to try and make the process more relevant for buyers. The company says the previous policy was a quirk of the system, as American sellers aren't automatically listed on the UK site. UK sellers can continue to get their items listed automatically on the bigger site by registering separately and maintaining two eBay accounts. But putting items up for sale on both site will now incur two listing fees.

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