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How to keep your search history private

The FireFox Profile Manager lets you set up different profiles -- one for using mail and other services from a search engine, and the other for doing actual searches, for example. This will make it harder for the search engine to correlate your searches with your identity.

Google can track your searches, even if you don't log into its services, because it uses cookies to track you from session to session. Rather than deleteing all your cookies before visiting Google, you can use IE or Firefox to block only Google from placing cookies on your PC.

The easiest way to make sure that information about your searches can't be used to build a personal profile about you is to use a search engine like ixquick that promises to delete all information about your searches within 48 hours, so the information simply isn't around for anyone to use. If the feds subpoena the data, there's nothing for them to get.

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