Do you track your Google rankings?

Offering monthly rankings reports has been historically one of the key methods SEO agencies use to prove they are performing well.

But are they worthwhile?

A good campaign might start off with by the SEO company agreeing with the client on a list of keywords that the client would like to target.

This keyword list can then be refined according to likely search volumes and profitability and a final keyword list is created.

Every month the SEO company can then deliver a report showing that the rankings are getting better and better across all the keywords.

The client is happy that targets are being met and the SEO company is happy to be able to prove they are performing.

The problem is that rankings are a poor measure of success and most companies want hard ROI data rather than rankings reports.

Most e-commerce sites would much prefer a monthly report showing how they had earned £7000 from a particular keyword last month but that the keyword is now earning £9000.

This data is far more valuable than the fact a ranking has changed from 5th to 4th.

I have worked on sites that have been able to dramatically improve revenue without improving the rankings purely by making changes to encourage Google users to click on the search results.

Things like compelling titles and interesting snippets can make all the difference in competitive niches.

This month try to make sure you are looking at all the information about your site rather than just a snapshot rankings report.

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