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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Reasons why corporate blogging should succeed

Last week, Rand Fishkin accurately identified several reasons why Fortune 500s and other large corporations can’t blog. While I found myself vehemently agreeing with everything he said, I got to the end and wanted to hear the other side of the story. (It’s a character flaw.) I thought I’d give it a shot. If you’re a big enough brand, people are already interested in you They’re probably talking about you. They may even be interested in what you have to say. You have a built in audience. There are about 50 million bloggers who would kill to have that. You’re doing newsworthy things all the time In the comments of the SEOmoz post, some commenters remarked that you should write about the industry, rather than the product. As a major corporation, you’re making an impact on the industry all the time. Not everything warrants a press release, but there should be lots of things going on to talk about (even if it’s not “promoting” your company and products). Manpower You already have at least one person on staff or retainer to manage your media attentions and customer communications, whether that’s in PR, website copy or even emails to clients. In fact, blogging can integrate well with things your content providers are already doing: announcing new products (but not by cut-and-pasting your press release), answering questions (but not by cut-and-pasting your FAQ page), and helping customers. Everyone needs somewhere to toot your own horn Handled a customer complaint especially deftly? Gave back to the community? While a blog shouldn’t solely be a vehicle for self-promotion, where else can you find an audience of passionate users who actually want to hear good things about you? Perhaps even better than writing about the good things you do yourself, you can find news stories casting your company in a positive light and link to them, providing additional insight or first person accounts. It makes you human This is possibly the most important reason of all because this is one of the biggest advantages of blogging to large corporations. Face it, you’re faceless. If you can pull off blogging, you add the human touch that will set you apart from your competition and all the other large corporations out there. Realise that this does mean that you’ll have to sound like a real person in your blog instead of like a press release—but you can do that.

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