Buy it now buttons 'increase affiliate conversions'

Bloggers can increase conversion rates for affiliate sales by using simple ‘buy it now’ buttons to product-related posts.

This tip comes from Al at the Self Made Minds blog (via ProBlogger) – he says he has managed to increase conversions by up to 100% by adding an Amazon-style ‘Buy Now’ button to his affiliate pages.

Some of the increase may be down to other factors, such as the start of the Xmas shopping season, but it’s easy to see why this works.

Al is an Amazon affiliate and since shoppers are familiar with Amazon’s buttons, he has simply added something the looks similar. The button provides a clear call to action to the shopper, and conversions have doubled as a result.

Darren at ProBlogger has another example of this – a blogger who has used a similar button to send readers to the Amazon search pages for products related to his posts, which has produced a 500% + uplift in conversions.

Such a little thing makes such a big dfference...

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