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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

UK to 'out-shop' US consumers online

With Christmas shopping season approaching, new research shows that UK shoppers are likely to be less discouraged by the economic downturn than their counterparts in the US. The average UK consumer will spend 40 percent more online than the average US consumer and make 24 percent more of their purchases online, according to a new study from JupiterResearch and commissioned by affiliate marketing specialist LinkShare. As global economic conditions continue to erode consumer confidence worldwide, UK consumers are more likely than their US counterparts to leverage the Internet as a critical resource in their decision-making process before - and during - the purchase of goods and services of all types. US consumers were shown to be far less aggressive when shopping for bargains online, with the average UK consumer eight times more likely to conduct research on multiple sites before making an online purchase. In addition, UK consumers are 13 percent more likely to be frequent online buyers than their US peers. "As this latest research shows, UK consumers are significantly ahead of their US counterparts when it comes to using the internet to help stretch their budgets in a tough economy," said Liane Dietrich, UK Managing Director at LinkShare. "Consumers today are making smarter buying decisions than ever before because the web gives them easy access to product research and consumer reviews, as well as a quick way to check fair market value from a variety of auction sites. It's clear that retailers looking to weather the current economic storm should expand their presence online and continue to look for ways to deepen their customer relationships." A powerful means of establishing relationships with buyers and driving repeat business, according to the study, is through ongoing promotions, which also help to deepen customer relationships and increase loyalty. Related findings include:
  • Approximately 45 percent of online buyers say regular promotions are influential in their decisions to continue to purchase from an online seller they have purchased from in the past.
  • A third of online buyers say loyalty schemes and cash back sites influence their online purchasing decisions.
  • Luxury shoppers have influence over their friends' purchasing decisions and tend to be very loyal to brands and retailers. They are more responsive to seller and affiliate promotions for repeat purchases.

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