Blogging Opens Doors for Venture Firms reports on the advantages of venture capital firms to maintain a blog in a sea of new technologies flooding the web.

Blogging can boost a venture firm's reputation, show how "marketing savvy" they are, and according to venture capitalist Fred Wilson, "its the best VC tool that I've seen, and I've in this business for twenty years."

"Wilson says his blog not only helps him meet more start-ups, but it brings him companies that are "more targeted and more relevant" to the areas he's interested in. Wilson also likes it when his readers argue with him or tell him about companies he might not already know; it's not unusual for one of his posts to attract 25 or 30 comments. "You can't buy that kind of education," he writes, "and I get it every day for free.""

VCs that blog not only open up doors to potential entrepreneurs, it also allows them to try out different technologies firsthand. Bijan Sabet at Spark Capital has a "growing tower" of software widgets on the right-hand side of his blog that show him if a certain technology is "meaningful or not."

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