Boomers becoming empty nesters, have more to spend

New research indicates that the ten biggest Internet firms took 99 per cent of gross online advertising revenue last year. According to Marketspace findings seen by Ad Age, the top ten also attracted 70 per cent of total online ad outlays. And within this elite club, the obvious names were prominent. Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN (the Big Four) took 57 per cent of total online ad outlays between them. These companies help to monetize other sites by way of display ads and contextual Text Links. The Internet is basically a set of web pages linking to each other, and when search engines like Google decide how to prioritise sites in their search results, they take into account various factors. The BBC explains that it is critical to build up links: "One of the most important factors in deciding how relevant particular sites are is to count how many other sites link to it. The more references or links there are to a site, the more important it is deemed to be." Source: Direct Traffic

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