Inbound links important for Google ranking, BBC Reports

Over three months ago, The New York Times noticed that Google fixed its search algorithm to filter out "Google Bombs" from greatly affecting search ranking. "Google Halts ‘Miserable Failure’ Link to President Bush" January 29, 2007 This weekend BBC Click reported on the same story with and interesting twist. But first, a brief explanation: Google Bombs or link bombs are simple pranks were many webmasters or blogers build links to any random site with a prank keyword phrase in the link text achieving a number one listing in Google. Google Bomb Examples: Weapons of mass destruction - This result showed a fake "Internet Explorer Error page" reading: "weapons of mass destruction cannot be found". "French military victories" still returns with a fake Google page asking "no results found for French military victories, did you mean French military defeats?" But the one that caused the most fuss was "The Worlds Most Miserable Failure" that cheekily returned the biography of George W. Bush. Link bombing actually had the power to deliver what any business would dream to have - a number one search result for their high value keywords. Linking Delivers Results - BBC What made the BBC's coverage of this story big news was that it explained in great detail what specialist link building companies have know for many years. The report explained how the Internet is a collection of web pages, all linking to each other. And that "one of the most important factors in deciding how relevant particular sites are is to count how many other sites link to it." Explaining that "the more references, or links there are to a site, the more important it is deemed to be" causing it to rank higher. Commenting on the BBC's coverage of one way linking or link building, Brendan Wilde from Direct Traffic Media said: "Since linking lays at the very core of internet ranking, we have been specialising in advanced link building techniques for years, but we never saw the day that the BBC would explain that links = ranking in such simple English" Brendan continued "Commercial link building is getting more and more specialised, businesses should be careful not to waste the internet marketing investments on simple or mainstream techniques. We expect that the BBC’s broadcast may provoke a much wider audience of marketers to focus on link building as a crucial part of their internet marketing strategy. Source: Direct Traffic

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