'Basics are important' for online marketing

Effective online marketing techniques motivate people to take action, according to an international Marketing trainer and sales consultant.

Lancaster Online reported this week that Mike Blinder claimed that although some people believe that when they establish a website they will start making a profit, there are more aspects that need to be included when establishing an online presence.

He said that Online Marketing is a most successful sales tool when it presents an appealing offer that requires a prompt response.

"That's why I get frustrated when I meet advertisers who say, 'The internet doesn't work for me.' People are still people. They need to be motivated to make buying decisions," he said.

Mr Blinder also suggested that websites can be used to traditionally market and promote a business, but that they need to be well-researched to achieve this.

In related news, Tech Journal suggested this week that the internet has a vital role to play in viral marketing campaigns.

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