Atlas, DoubleClick Have Internet Browser Population Covered

Prompted by Google's attempt to acquire DoubleClick and Microsoft's acquisition of aQuantive, Compete's Jeremy Crane takes a look at the some ad-serving stats for DoubleClick and Atlas (aQuantive's ad-serving solution), writes MarketingCharts.

Ads served by Atlas reached more than four out of five people (82 percent, or 143.5 million people) online in June, and four out of five people online (80 percent, or 139.8 million people) saw a DoubleClick ad - with the two ad-serving giants essentially covering the entire internet browser population, according to Compete.

"Considering there we're just over 174 million people online in the US in June, that's a lot of eyeballs. If we start talking page views then we're talking over 20 billion ads served to people in the US by Atlas and DoubleClick in June alone," Crane writes.

In addition to image-based advertising, Atlas refers some 2.6 million sponsored search listings each month, while DoubleClick refers some 3 million via its properties (including Dartsearch), according to Compete.

The top four brand keywords referred through Atlas in the second quarter of 2007 were "weight watcher," "netflix," "victoria's secret" and "enterprise car rental."

The top four for DoubleClick are "travelocity," "dish network," "dell" and "toyota."

Whereas the top four for Atlas together account for a 1.59 percent share of the ad server, for DoubleClick its top four brand keywords account for a significant 11.73 percent.

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