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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Adsense coming to Facebook?

Google is apparently looking to tap into the Facebook widget ‘phenomenon’ by serving Adsense ads on third-party applications created for the site.

Steve Rubel has linked to an article in AdAge that quotes Google CEO Eric Schmidt as saying:

“How will those developers get paid for those services? We would like to have our ads in those applications.”

As Steve says, the move seems to make perfect sense for both Google and developers that have yet to find a way to monetise their creations.

But would it be a good thing for Facebook, which is already facing rumblings of discontent about how ads are affecting its user experience?

Shawn Collins thinks “the world will be OK if Google doesn’t save the day here”:

“While Google would certainly like to have penetration on every square pixel of the Internet, I think Facebook and the developers can figure this out on their own.”

Steve adds:

“As Facebook starts to look like Times Square with ads on top of ads - some they control, others they don't - it will turn the community off. Already I can't stand it when I see ads in my news feed. That's the problem with open platforms.

"Also, how long before these applications start to appear outside Facebook on places like iGoogle. Me thinks soon."

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