Internet users understand behavioural targeting

Expert claims some internet users understand behavioural targeting Behavioural targeting may not be as off-putting to some internet users as many within the online marketing industry believe, an expert has suggested recently.

Simon Ricketts, head of management and evaluation at AKQA, told The Guardian that people are used to it in a number of forms, such as loyalty cards and websites that recommend products to customers based on what they have previously bought.

"Consumers understand behavioural targeting to a degree - Amazon's 'you bought this, so you may like this' model is basic behavioural targeting and consumers accept this almost unconditionally," he remarked.

Mr Ricketts made his comments following an ICD Research study from July, which found 77 per cent of customers oppose this method of internet advertising.

A survey of a number of bloggers carried out by The Guardian found a number of positive responses to personal advertising, with 15-year-old Matthew Smithies praising MySpace's behavioural targeting in particular as being "good".

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