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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

The biggest secret about SEO

Ask some search engine optimisation (SEO) consultants to explain how they operate and you will get confused quite quickly.

Sometimes this is because the SEO consultant doesn't want to reveal his or her 'secrets', but more often than not it is because SEO is a highly technical subject and, unless you are a web designer or programmer, it is hard to understand.

The best part about natural SEO, however, is that there really is no secret.

Google has thousands of PhD's working every single day to make sure its algorithm consistently picks out the best websites and most relevant search results while leaving useless sites down on page 7.

This algorithm is designed to pick out not only the sites that searchers expect to see at the top, but also the pages that they want to see.

It is about picking the results that the searcher would have chosen if he or she already knew about the subject they were searching for.

Countless search results for major queries have a well known brand at the top. One that advertises on the TV every day. This isn't a coincidence.

If a Google search for “car insurance” was full of websites nobody had ever heard of something would be wrong and users wouldn't be happy.

Truly the best method of getting your website to the top of the search engines is to be a leading brand in your niche.

Starting a new site and expecting to rank higher than established brands is almost always an impossible dream.

If you are a bigger brand with a better and more useful website than somebody who ranks higher than you, then it isn't your site that's the problem, it's Google's algorithm.

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