Link building strategies from the experts

Link-building is by far the hardest part of search engine optimisation - it's not only time consuming but it can be pretty boring work as well.

Luckily there are easy ways to make the process easier and SEOmoz is today producing a giant user contributed list of the best linkbuilding methods.

Some of my favourites are writing useful articles and tutorials and then emailing anybody who has written a similar piece to suggest they link to your article as an added resource.

Another method for news bloggers is to write about up and coming services and hope you get featured on their press pages.

A lot of people are caught in the cycle of creating linkbait, trying to get on Digg and failing to get links.

The key is to create a long term sustainable method of building links by creating value on your site.

Let the content spread naturally rather than forcing the issue by writing sensationalist titles.

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