Adults watch online video, prefer professional quality

Some 57 percent of online adults have used the internet to watch or download video, and 19 percent do so on a typical day, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project's first major report on online video, reports MarketingCharts. Moreover, 74 percent of broadband users with high-speed connections at home or work watch or download video online, Pew said. Professional-quality videos are generally preferred to amateur productions, which nevertheless appeal to coveted segments of the young male audience, according to Pew: Overall, 62 percent of online video viewers say that their favorite videos are those that are "professionally produced." 19 percent of online video viewers express a preference for content "produced by amateurs." Some 11 percent say they enjoy both professionally produced video and amateur online video equally. Among young adult men, some 43 percent of online video users express a clear preference for professional video, but 34 percent say they prefer amateur content. Another 19 percent of male video viewers ages 18-29 say they enjoy both amateur and professional content equally. Overall, 27 percent of online video consumers say they watch or download video from YouTube; of those who watch or download videos from more than one location, 29 percent say YouTube is the place where they view online video most often. Young adults are almost twice as likely to point to YouTube as a source for online video: 49 percent of video viewers age 18-29 say they watch YouTube videos. Source: Marketing VOX

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