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Load Test Your Website

Load testing from UKFast enables you to send virtual users to your website, to help you stress test your website and predict at what point your visitors will not be able to access your website. Testing your websites user capacity will give you useful data to support seasonal spikes in traffic, test functionality after updates or check capacity for potential spikes prior to a marketing campaign, to ensure that you are getting the most out of your website and hosting.

Use the valuable insight from your results to drive change and improvements to ensure optimum site performance, with real-time site status, up-to-date graphs and additional data available instantly through your MyUKFast Portal.

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Test your website capacity in 3 Simple Steps

1. Select your domain

Add your chosen domain to the load testing tool and verify your email through DNS lookup or file upload.

2. Select your test type

  • Incline Test: Gradually increase the visitors to your site until it is no longer able to take any more load.
  • Smash Test: Use half of the test time to reach the maximum number of visitors your site can handle and maintain this until the end of the test.
  • Step-Up Test: Increase the number of visitors in regular increments or ‘steps’ over a fixed period.

3. Go!

Run your website load test immediately or schedule testing for a time that suits you and your website.

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Why Load Test?

Website load testing is the process of simulating traffic influxes to your site and measuring its performance, known as stress testing. The point of this test is to find out how much traffic your site can take and use this information to ensure you hosting can support your potential capacity.

Load tests can be carried out under normal conditions to assess everyday performance or under predicted peak-season conditions to determine the actions required to prepare for high-traffic periods.

  • Identify your site’s maximum capacity to prevent it from crashing at critical times
  • Expose bugs and errors which occur as a result of high traffic or extended usage
  • Use results to proactively optimise site performance, scalability and speed
  • Reduce the risk of incurring reputational or financial damage due to dissatisfied customers and lost revenue

When to load test your website

When making changes to your site or server

Exploratory load testing is handy to assess how changes made to your site code or server configuration impact your performance, and to compare scripts if you’re carrying out some AB testing.

Before launching a new marketing campaign

New campaigns take time and effort to plan and prepare. Load test during the preparation stage, optimise your site ahead of launch and ensure it can handle your hard-earned traffic influxes well in advance.

Ahead of every peak-traffic period

Whether you sell clothes, holidays, software or security solutions, there are certain times when you know your website needs to perform at its best. Use load testing as a crucial tool to prepare your site for every peak period.

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