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Load Balancing For High Availability

What is Load Balancing?

Preventing a single device of hardware being overwhelmed, load balancing takes the overall hosting burden and spreads it across multiple devices. Also offering a level of redundancy, it enables you to schedule maintenance work and, should a server fail, there's one already there to take over.

Having a load balancing solution in place also allows your end-users to have a seamless, uninterrupted and unaffected end-user experience.

Load Balancing is ideally suited for:

  • Medium to large businesses
  • Ecommerce businesses
  • Any mission-critical applications
  • Any business with a multi-server strategy that cannot afford a single moment of downtime.

We offer both layer 4 and 7 load balancing options, so you're able to choose the option that best suits your needs, enabling you to improve availability, performance and end-user experience of your business critical applications and websites.

Why Load Balancing?

  • High availability - dynamically routes traffic to servers depending if they are online and available
  • Enhanced performance & user experience - distribute your traffic between multiple servers to ensure a seamless, uninterrupted and unaffected user experience
  • Easily scalable - your load balancers, configured redundantly, scale to your solution
  • Greater resilience - configure your load balancing to ensure you've a server ready and waiting in case of failure
  • Eliminate single point of failure - your load balancers are located in separate racks and powered by separate feeds
  • Quick response - Managed on-site in our UK data centres by our experienced team 24/7/365, so we're immediately on hand to monitor and respond to any changes.

Under the Bonnet

  • Layer 4 Load Balancing

    Achieve both high performance and high availability for your website or SQL database with layer 4 load balancing. The UKFast load balancer works at the network layer, routing traffic to alternative servers with the same IP address depending on the level of requests or on its availability.

    So, should your site experience a spike in traffic, the load balancer will distribute them across your multiple servers. And if, for whatever reason, one of your servers is offline, the load balancer sends all requests to the remaining available servers.

  • Layer 7 Load Balancing

    Benefit from high availability, redundancy and performance with layer 7 load balancers. By analysing traffic from HTTP web protocols the load balancer is able to route traffic intelligently and efficiently, directing it to different servers depending on the rules you set with your access control list.

    So, if you have one server within your environment hosting all of your images, your load balancer analyses the types of requests you're receiving; if they are image requests, it will route traffic to the correct server ensuring your performance is not compromised.

"Now, when we do comparison checks on the sites which we've optimised, we can see a definite increase in speed, and the use of load balancers has helped to up that even further."

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