Sony Sued for Dropping Linux From PS3

A PlayStation 3 owner has filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against Sony for dropping Linux from the PS3.

The lawsuit rests on Sony's highly controversial move last month to disable "other OS" support from older PlayStation 3 consoles.

Although Sony had claimed it was neutering the devices for "security reasons," many suggest the move was to prevent the wrath of game makers and film studios who were worried their content would be much easier to copy.

However, the end result for many PS3 owners is their devices suddenly lost the ability to run Linux as promised.

A lawyer speaking on behalf of the PS3 owner stated: "This disablement is not only a breach of the sales contract between Sony and its customers and a breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, but it is also an unfair and deceptive business practice perpetrated on millions of unsuspecting consumers,"

"Plaintiff chose to purchase a PS3, as opposed to an Xbox or a Wii, because it offered the Other OS feature as well as other unique PS3 features (such as the ability to play Blu-ray discs and access the PlayStation Network), despite the fact that the PS3 was substantially more expensive than other gaming consoles."

The suit, filed on behalf of PS3 owner Anthony Venture, of Santa Clara County, California, seeks class-action status, which would allow millions of other PS3 owners to sign on as well.

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