Nexus S Hacked to Control Ubuntu Linux

The Linux Meego and Ubuntu operating systems can run on Google's Android Nexus S smartphone.

Steven Troughton-Smith at High Caffeine Content does a lot of Mac development work but he has spent his time recently seeing what he can do with Google's latest smartphone.

Running Meego and Ubuntu on the Nexus S is not for the faint of heart and neither runs perfectly. The display output still doesn't work properly and the touchscreen doesn't work yet.

"But, I think this is the first non-Android OS running on the Nexus S so far, so thought it was worth a post! Watch this space," wrote Troughton-Smith.

You need to build a Meego rootfs in ext2 format and the developer has already built a kickstart as a base. With the image compiled, copy it to linux/rootfs.ext2 on the Nexus S' internal memory, which he swears is safe because it doesn't need to be flashed.

Then you can use his boot.img and fastboot to boot it with "fastboot boot nexuss-meego-boot.img". Or, you can flash it to recovery if you want to dual boot. Troughton-Smith's kickstart has adb support and he claimed this can be used to get a root shell like on any Android device.

Using the same method and kernel, the process can be used to boot Ubuntu onto Google's Nexus S smartphone.

With Nokia's Symbian OS dead in the water thanks to big names like Sony dropping support, the Finnish phone company and Intel, which co-develop the Meego OS, will both be pleased that tinkerers and modders are giving it some attention. Canonical, which makes Ubuntu, should be happy, too.

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