Linux Kernel 3.3 Launched With Added Android

Version 3.3 of the Linux kernel was released this weekend, adding support for a new processor architecture and re-integrating the Android code base.

Open vSwitch, a virtual switching package has been added to the new kernel 3.3, aiming to provide more robust VM configuration options - particularly helpful for companies that maintain heavily virtualized environments.

Support for the Texas Instruments C6X family of single- and multiple-core processors was also integrated into Linux 3.3, along with a new type of bootloader that allows a single kernel image to be used for both EFI and BIOS.

The most notable change is the reincorporation of most of the Android mobile platform back into the main Linux tree. The re-integration of Android was decided at the Kernel Summit in December 2011, according to LWN, which noted that the move came as something of a surprise.

The full release was expected roughly a week ago, but kernel maintainer Linus Torvalds imposed a slight delay, saying that a number of minor issues needed to be addressed.

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