Google Puts $6 Million Into Open Source Summer of Code 2011

Giant of the search engine world, Google, has announced they are putting around $6 million into its Summer of Code initiative. The project teaches students about the world of open source.

In a blog post, Google confirmed thay had announced the names of 1,116 students who will be assigned to 175 organisations for montoring them throughout the year on various open source projects.

Stephanie Taylor, Open Source Programs Officer at Google, said in a statement that "students will now start the community bonding period where they will get to know their mentors and prepare for the program by reading documentation, hanging out in the IRC channel and familiarizing themselves with their new community before beginning their actual coding at the end of May."

Google will pay $5,500 per student, $5,000 of which goes to the student and $500 to the mentoring organisation.

Google founded the program in 2005 to help students understand more about the open source community. It is a win win situation for all involved, with students gaining valuable knowledge and organisation getting help with their projects.

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