First Enterprise Linux OS Optimized for GPU Computing is Rel

Fixstars releases "Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux for CUDA," the first enterprise Linux OS optimized for GPU computing. YDEL for CUDA offers end users, developers and integrators a faster, more reliable, and less complex GPU computing experience. "With Fixstars providing direct support for CUDA, more researchers, scientists and HPC programmers will be able to take advantage of the performance benefits enabled by massively parallel GPUs," said Sanford Russell, general manager of GPU Computing at NVIDIA. Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux for CUDA offers unparalleled integration of the CUDA development environments, greater reliability with GPU computing centric validation. Also included is Fixstars' own Eclipse-based graphical IDE for CUDA as well as a comprehensive support for both Linux and the CUDA architecture. "Yellow Dog's advance to the x86 architecture is without a doubt a monumental event for the operating system, which had been known for the past 10 years as the Linux distribution for the Power Architecture," said Akihiro Asahara, the development director of YDEL at the Fixstars Corporation. "Since our mission is to provide optimal multicore solutions, it is only natural that we have come to release this product. YDEL for CUDA is an OS built by CUDA developers for CUDA developers. We hope people enjoy the usability of this product." Key benefits of Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux for CUDA:
  • YDEL for CUDA users can experience up to a 9 percent performance improvement in some applications.
  • Comprehensive support is offered to paid subscriptions with our skilled team able to assist you with both Linux and CUDA.
  • YDEL's unparalleled integrations means everything you need to write and run CUDA applications is included and configured.
  • YDEL includes multiple versions of CUDA and can easily switch between them via a setting in a configuration file or an environment variable.
  • Never worry about updates affecting your system, Fixstars offers YDEL users greater reliability with our strenuous test procedures that validate GPU computing functionality and performance.

What the GPU community is saying about YDEL for CUDA: "Including moving my projects across and re-arranging things a bit, I ended up with a fully working development platform in easily less than an hour. Having the SDK, card drivers and a familiar environment all in one ready-to-go package has been very helpful. Our CUDA application is a database-driven peptide and protein identification system and just compiled and worked with no fuss at all," said Vic Spicer, a software developer and lab manager at the University of Manitoba. "When the next-generation GPU architecture 'Fermi' becomes available, GPU computing will see even more widespread use. YDEL for CUDA will minimize the cost spent on menial tasks such as trouble-shooting and driver updates, allowing the developer to focus on the CUDA application itself. As the first Linux Distribution optimized for GPU Computing, I am looking forward to its advancement such as tuning for the asynchronous data transfer between the host and device," said Professor Takayuki Aoki, Global Scientific Information and Computer Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology. "Fixstars as a leading company in GPU computing in Japan, YDEL for CUDA is one of the best solution integration solution for NVIDIA GPU in Linux OS. Leadtek Graphic board developers are pleased to have this solutions for CUDA GPU programming," said K.S.LU, CEO of Leadtek Research Inc. "Fixstars is one of Japan's earliest pioneers in the field of GPU computing. And I firmly believe that the release of their Linux Distribution optimized for CUDA will prove to be helpful especially to those new to GPU computing," said Katsuya Nishi, chairman and CEO of Best Systems, Inc. "We are very pleased to hear the announcement for the official release of YDEL for CUDA. YDEL is the only enterprise Linux distribution that provides strong support for GPU computing. It provides a high-quality, user-friendly environment, featuring default support for CUDA development using Eclipse, and faster execution of CUDA applications. We will be recommending YDEL for CUDA as the default OS to be used for all GPU computing models. Towa Electrical will continue to provide optimal electronics solutions to our customers, with cooperation from Fixstars," said Iino Tadamichi, CEO of TOWA Electric Co., Ltd.

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