New Debian Released to Back Up ZFS

The next release of Debian GNU/Linux, Squeeze, will include support for ZFS using the official installer.

This means that Debian will become one of the first GNU/Linux distributions to support the filesystem, according to developer Robert Millan.

ZFS is a combined filesystem and logical volume manager designed by Sun Microsystems. It is now owned by Oracle.

Millan said in a post on his blog that while ZFS support had not been available in the beta1 images available for Squeeze it is now available in the images for netbooting.

As Squeeze moves towards its release, the Debian team is putting in place policies that determine which packages can be incorporated into the distribution.

Millan initially posted saying that Squeeze would not have ZFS support as the version of Parted, the package used for partitioning hard drives during installation, had not been migrated to Squeeze. And the release policy in place did not appear to allow this migration.

"However, the release team kindly decided to make an exception that allowed this, and after Parted had migrated the changes in Debian-Installer itself it went in quite smoothly," he wrote.

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