PS3 Refund Given For Linux Removal

Amazon has reportedly begun giving refunds on the PS3 on the grounds that the latest firmware does not have the Linux support which was advertised.

Many customers were unhappy with their purchase as the lack of Linux support has prevented consumers from playing some games.

PlayStation University released the information yesterday that at least one customer had received a full refund for the PS3 by referencing European Directive 1999/44/EC.

This means that the PS3 , through no fault of the buyer, has lost features and no longer functions as advertised.

The law also states that consumer goods must come with a two year warranty and be "fit for intended purpose."

The customer who has successfully argued for a refund on these grounds, has received 20 per cent of the original price they paid by way of an apology.

Under EU law, responsibility for these problems does lie with the retailer rather than the manufacturer. However we will have to wait and see if Amazon try to pass these costs back to Sony.

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