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Are you up for a challenge?


Whether you are a prospective client, a client, a member of the UKFast team or even someone aspiring to join our great organisation, you are a valued person in our eyes and I challenge you to help us improve UKFast.

Our leadership style is certainly an unusual one and it does break conventions.

A great many organisations take their leadership courses from the Army and employ Ex-Army Officers to help develop a strong style and well defined sense of leadership.

Like many businesses before us, we did at one point in our history follow a similar route employing a top trainer from Sandhurst, the Officer Training Academy. And yes, we have found some very useful tools which help deliver excellence and build spirit, but at the same time a huge amount of what we do is developed from within and also influenced by a wide variety of sources.

Our leadership is about challenge. Are you up for the challenge? Are you looking for a business that is going to grow and develop far faster than any other business in the UK? If you are, it is highly likely that your business or career is developing at a fast rate of knots too. Consequently you will benefit from partnering with UKFast.

As a graduate or new recruit, you are recruited on the basis of your attributes and values, but you are also regarded as a blank canvas. During your first two weeks at UKFast you are immersed in our Academy. Part of your initiation involves time in our training centre in North Wales, where you will go through the exact training and team building every team member has done before you. The training centre, called Castell Cidwm, is an old hotel and a jewel in the Snowdonian National Park. Gail and I bought it in 2008 and alongside the training facility it's an excellent get away for strategic thinking.

As a client you are only a phone call away from myself or the other directors. I take a lot of pride in helping others. If you genuinely want help we run a series of private round tables and events which are exclusively for friends of UKFast where you can rub shoulders with other top entrepreneurs and find out just what makes the finest entrepreneurs tick. Whatever stage in your business career, this is something you might want to consider. If you are a small business aspiring for your first million, mid sized or even large, I always make time for the people around me and aim to inspire people to reach the next level of their journey.

I'm never happier than when I have a heavy pack on my back, carrying everyones provisions up the mountains. I have a passion for the outdoors and taking people (including myself) well outside of their comfort zones. Jim Collins writes about 'level 5 leaders', people who aren't overtly, outwardly confident, but work hard to empower the people around them. I consistently look to improve myself in order to fit this mould.

Friends and leaders who inspire me include Richard Branson, John Timpson, Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins.

Thanks for visiting our website - Lawrence Jones - CEO, UKFast

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