ThinkGrid Rolls Out Encryption Security for SMEs

ThinkGrid has launched an encryption service to appeal to those small businesses that are still concerned about security within the cloud. Surveys reveal that security is often cited as the biggest inhibitor when it comes to considering whether to move to the cloud or not.

The ThinkGrid Encryption service, based on AES 256-bit encryption, is offering the service as part of a package of cloud services. "We still some reticence to move to the cloud, companies think that because it's the public cloud that it can't be very secure, our encryption service is to put that argument to bed."

He said that the service was not just about the actual encryption, it was also a way to offer support for different compliance systems, for example Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA.

ThinkGrid Cloud Encryption, which is based on Cryptzone's Data Leak Prevention, has been designed to protect all files that have been migrated to ThinkGrid's Cloud platform, users are all able to access the data through the use of decryption keys. Because it's hosted in the cloud, all data remains encrypted even if a user removes or copies it from ThinkGrid's infrastructure. It also means that files can be accessed by any device whether that be a desktop machine, netbook, tablet or smartphone.

"It works behind the firewall," said Lovell, "but if you want someone to pick up a document from outside that organisation that's possible too. And you can restrict that on a time lapsed basis- yo can also see who has opened a document," he said.

The product would appeal especially to businesses such as the medical profession, said Lovell. Organisations that need to comply with strict security guidelines. "The market is pretty huge, with doctors and lawyers running their own small businesses," he said, adding that the pricing for the service was £4 per month per user.

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