New Study Reveals Facebook Privacy Hazards

A recent survey highlights the increased usage of social networking sites and also shows that the security hazards associated with such sites are not being widely enough addressed.

The "State of the Net" survey from Consumer Reports has revealed this week that many users are overlooking crucial privacy settings on social networking websites.

The study shows that a quarter of Facebook users are either unaware of privacy settings or are choosing not to utilise this feature.

After Mark Zuckerberg's comment last week that "privacy is dead", experts are warning that even basic information can leave users unprotected against identity theft.

The research has shown that around 26 per cent of parents on Facebook post the names and/or photographs of their children. Many may be unaware that unless privacy settings are altered, this will become public information.

As well as releasing the report, Consumer Reports has hosted an industry round table today to gain expert opinion about consumer behaviour around social networks.

But what do you think about the way consumers are using social networks? Do you believe privacy settings and the way they work should change? Or do you believe it is the consumer's responsibility to tailor security settings to suit their own needs?

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