Security Experts Can Play Cyber Criminals At Own Game

New research suggests that Hi-tech criminals are not securing the malware which they use to attack websites. The French security company Tehtri Security has found that many cyber criminals are themselves at risk of security problems, as the kits they use are riddled with bugs and vulnerabilities. This new research suggests that there is a possibility of using the criminals own cyber attack tools against themselves to undermine their criminal exploits. The bugs which have been found can also be used to identify who is using the tools according to experts. Legal issue Although some cybercriminals create their own tools to launch online attacks, many also invest in malware kits. These kits act like a starter pack and include various software programs to provide everything the budding criminal needs, to start online cyber attacks. Laurent Oudot from Tehtri Security has analysed these packs to see how secure they are. Oudot released details of 13 unpatched vulnerabilites from some of the most popular malware kits and said that these could allow them to "hack the web hackers". He has acknowledged that this method may, "lead to legal issues." However Oudot said that by using the vulnerabilities, a lot of information can be discovered which will allow the security firm to track down and prosecute cyber criminals. Mr Oudot said that the study was carried out in order to, "open new way[s} to think about IT security worldwide".

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