Security Industry Must Collaborate to Win War on Cybercrime

The security industry needs to work together on a more proactive strategy for fighting cybercrime, according to a report from security firm McAfee.

With the latest report from McAfee showing that a record six million malicious files have been found in the past three months, it seems that cybercriminals may be gaining ground.

Jeff Green, the senior vice-president of McAfee Labs says, "Every time we release a new statistic about the rise in malware, it points to our failure as an industry."

McAfee's report issues a call to arms to the entire security industry in the light of this increase in the volume and sophistication of malware attacks. Rather than taking a defensive approach to cybercrime, McAfee is urging industry experts to take a more aggresive and proactive approach to prevent this criminal activity.

David Marcus, the director of security research at McAfee states, "If we want to stop being victims, then the good guys need to advance security efforts as threats evolve."

The report details several strategies for building a more offensive security strategy, including ethical hacking to find and close vulnerabilities,publicising the names of criminals and building trusted communities, members of which can help one another to catch cybercriminals

Joe Stewart, one of the report's authors said, "This is a long-term effort, and one that will require great political bartering and global treaties." However once achieved, Stewart argues that the initiative could increase the risks for cybercriminals significantly and as a result drastically reduce cyber attacks.

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