Many Companies Still in the Dark About Cyber Threats

A recent study has revealed that many companies are in the dark about cyber attacks.

The survey, which has been carried out by the Ponemon Institute has found that many corporations are ot only unaware about the dangers of cyber attacks but would also do not know how to respond effectively if they were targeted.

41 per cent of the 500 US organisations question said they would not know if they were being targeted by zero-day or other advanced cyber threats designed to evade countermeasures.

Most of those polled (83 per cent) reported that their organisations had been targeted recently by and 71 per cent said that such attacks have increased in the past year.

Ponemon's research has also revealed that zero-day attacks are the most prevalent form of advanced cyber threat, but there is also an increase in the number of known attacks that are being re-engineered.

50 per cent of advanced attacks target proprietary information, while 48 per cent are aimed at personal data according to the survey's respondants.

The research has found that IT security professionals are struggling to respond quickly enough to defend their companies against these attacks while 80 per cent of security managers said it takes at least a day or longer to detect such attacks. Of these, 46 per cent reported that it takes at least 30 days to respond.

Ponemon said this delay is often the result of organisations not having the right technology or training despite having the appropriate policies and procedures in place.

Only 19 per cent of those questioned felt that their IT leaders are fully aware of the requirements for defending against advanced attacks.

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