Scammers Seek to Exploit Japan Disaster with Malicious Websi

Following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last week, a plague of spam and phishing attacks have emerged designed to exploit users looking for information,

The scammers are utilising varied tactics, including posting fake news or messages related to trending topics on Twitter to try to con unsuspecting users into visiting malicious websites.

Various fraudulent charities and websites have been setup that aim to steal financial information.

Security websites are alerting Internet users to only use reputable websites such as the Red Cross, UNICEF and Doctors Without Borders when making donations.

They are also recommending that users are careful with the spelling of these domains as scammers often set up sites that look aesthetically look similar but are on different spellings of the domains.

A good way to tell whether a site is real is to look for the SSL certificate when inputting payment details.

The most important thing though is to use common sense and instinct. It is also vital that the efforts of the scammers do not put people off donating to the reputable disaster relief funds such as the ones the Red Cross and Unicef have set up.

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