ITunes Hack Attack is Just Tip of Iceberg

Experts have revealed today, that the 400 iTunes accounts Apple admitted were hacked by a rogue developer may be just the tip of the iceberg.

Vietnam-based developer Thuat Nguyen was banned from the iTunes App Store after users issued complaints that they had been charged for Nguyen's electronic books when they had not chosen to purchase them.

Apple announced that the iTunes servers have not been compromised as Nguyen has been hacking the accounts to try and boost the ratings of his app. Apple also stated that only 400 of the 150m iTunes users were affected

However, the Financial Times has released a report today which states that Nguyen's rise in book rankings from 50 to 21 in three weeks would have required thousands of purchases.

Security experts are warning that many thousands of accounts could have been compromised by automated attacks and some have said it would also be naïve to think that Nguyen was the only developer who had used such attack methods to affect rankings.

Apple has responded to the incident by improving the security around the online ordering process, as it now asks customers to re-enter the security codes on their payment cards a lot more frequently.

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