iPad Users Targeted By Hackers

iPad users have been explicitly targeted by hackers through a fake iTunes application which is available for the device.

Users have been warned not to download this app as it will encourage users install a programme which allows malware on to their Windows PC.

Cybercriminals have ensured that when the application is installed, it shall created a backdoor for their entry into the PC system. This will enable to hackers to remotely access the machine and use the computer to send spam messages.

The malware works through a dialogue box which appears on screen and tells users to click on a link for a new iTunes version for the iPad. Although users will be taken to a site that looks almost identical to the iTunes page, the item they will download is actually a dangerous Trojan.

Bitdefender discovered the scam, and a senior researcher for the company, Catalin Cosoi spoke out today on the subject. "The trick is pretty simple. They're clever to do it this way. If they were able to target Mac customers, it would have spread like wildfire, but because most antivirus companies detect this Trojan, it's aimed at Windows users who have bought an iPad and who also don't run a security product."

BitDefender is advising iPad owners not to click on any links that appear in dialog boxes or alerts, and to only download iTunes directly from the Apple website.

The company also re-emphasised that the iPad itself will not be affected by the malware.

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