Lack of Trust Led to ID Card Failure

Simon Davies, the director of Privacy International has announced that the UK national ID card scheme was destined for failure fail because the government did not build trust in the system.

During today's annual privacy conference he told delegates that, "people could see only the risk and not the benefit," of the ID card system.

Despite some previous suggestions that ID cards failed to work because of cost confusion or political events, Davies insists it was completely down to this lack of trust.

Davies argues that trust is reliant upon transparency, confering with stakeholders and s consistency in policies and behaviour.

He claims that the government went about the national ID card scheme in entirely the wrong way by not taking the privacy element seriously enough.

Any plan to gather, store and use personal information is bound to run into problems as was shown with the recent Google wi-fi scandals, he said.

If data collection is not carried out openly and transparently, and does not have a clear benefit to those involved then it will never be successful, Davies claims.

He concluded by stating that the ultimate reason for the ID card failure, was that "people will not stand for hypocrisy and deceit."

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