Google patches 10 Chrome security problems

Google patched 10 vulnerabilities--three critical, six high-risk, and one medium--in a new version of Chrome released Thursday.

Most of the problems were with Chrome itself, but one of the issues handled in Chrome 5.0.375.127 was a workaround for a Windows kernel bug, according to a blog post Thursday by Jason Kersey of the Chrome team.

Chrome has an automated update process that periodically checks for updates, downloads new versions, and installs them when a person restarts the browser. For a quicker update, people can follow Google's instructions to check for and install a Chrome update.

The Windows kernel workaround and the two critical problems both merited bounty payments of $1,337 for the discoverers. Although Google added an "e-leet" payment option of $3,133.7 for very severe problems, it's so far not awarded an bounties that high.

However, the program has been lucrative for Sergey Glazunov, whom Google credited for the two critical vulnerabilities that were patched and for the first $1,337-level bounty. Glazunov is the clear leader so far on the Chrome security hall of fame so far.

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