'Do Not Track' Option Added to Google Browser

Google is releasing a new extension to help users block online tracking tools.

The company has released a new extension for its Chrome browser which will allow users to retain their privacy settings and block tracking cookies.

Known as "Keep my opt-outs," the plug-in will allow Chrome users to permanently set a block on ads which are set to recognize opt-out tracking protocols.

The company said that the tool would provide an importance balance as it will allow users to retain their privacy without providing an outright block on ads which generate revenue for site operators.

"Importantly, we've designed the extension so that it should not otherwise interfere with your web browsing experience or website functionality," Google product managers Sean Harvey and Rajas Moonka said in a blog post announcing the plug-in.

"This new feature gives you significant control without compromising the revenue that fuels the web content that we all consume every day."

Users will be able to download the plug-in for free through the Google Chrome web store service.

Google's plug-in release comes on the heels of similar news from Mozilla.

The Firefox developer said that it would be working on a new component for its Firefox browser which will allow for a "do not track" mechanism to be embedded within the browser's header.

Last month, Microsoft unveiled plans to put "do not track" components into its upcoming Internet Explorer 9 browser release.

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