New Trojan emerges in China

A new Trojan that could allow hackers to control victims' phones has emerged in China and is making its way around Android handsets.

The Trojan called "Geinimi" is, apparently, able to sneak into Android phones by way of pirated apps available through third-party China-based Android apps stores. It appears the original versions of the malware-riddled apps are not infected.

"Geinimi" is, according to Lookout Mobile Security, the most sophisticated Android malware so far.

Once it's installed on a user's phone, Geinimi can receive commands from a remote server that allows that server's owner control the smartphone.

Geinimi is apparently being spread through pirated versions of legitimate Android apps, mainly games, and is being distributed in third-party Android app stores in China.

Pirated applications that include the Trojan that are available in Chinese app stores include "Monkey Jump 2", "Sex Positions", "President vs. Aliens", "City Defense" and "Baseball Superstars 2010", Lookout Mobile said.

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