Facebook Rejects Sharing Private User Details

Facebook has denied claims that its Phonebook feature is publishing phone numbers and user details on the social network.

The social network's Phonebook feature, from its official iPhone app, was allegedly found to be sending phone numbers and other user details to the platform, where they could be viewed by anyone.

The Facebook Phonebook feature is capable of sending friends' contact details to the platform, something which has caused an uproar among Facebook users.

However, the social networking giant has denied the claims, and has said the contact information shared on Facebook is only viewable to that user alone. Facebook says that the feature acts as a back-up for the contact information.

The company also claims that users are duly informed about the implications of syncing their address book before they do so.

The Facebook disclaimer reads: "If you enable this feature, all contacts from your device (name, e-mail address, phone number) will be sent to Facebook and be subject to Facebook's Privacy Policy, and your friends' profile photos and other info from Facebook will be added to your iPhone address book."

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