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Cybercrime Will Steal £1.9bn from Britain in 2011

Cybercrime will cost Britain £1.9 billion in 2011, according to figures from security firm Norton.

The security company said the UK cost figure of £1.9 billion represented an average cost of £103 per person affected by online crime.

Norton based the claim on data from its newly launched Cybercrime Index, which shows threat levels in various countries. In figures that will do little to sell the company's wares, the current global threat level is 82 on its index, down from a high of 179 last December.

The data showed UK is the third most popular country for hosting phishing sites, behind the US and Germany, with the financial sector not surprisingly the most widely targeted area.

Norton said the Cybercrime Index showed the level of overall internet risk, based on a compilation of statistics and trends taken from crimes such as identity theft, phishing threats and fraud activity.

The index is based on data gathered from 113 million servers globally that monitor details of cyber attack activity and has been audited by security researchers at the University of Texas.

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