ICO Find Kent Police in Breach of Data Protection

Kent Police are in breach of the Data Protection Act according to the latest announcement from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

A police officer from the branch had his vehicle broken in to while it was parked over night in a residential area. It has now become apparent that vital documents containing confidential personal information were among the items which were stolen.

The documents were found in the street by a passerby the following day and passed back to the police station.

The ICO investigation has revealed that the police officer had not used a secure briefcase to transport the papers, and had also not been provided with a secure storage facility at his home.

The ICO examination concluded that the policies of the Kent Police force and the procedures they had in place concerning the transportation and storage of personal information required improvement.

Sally-Anne Poole, the enforcement group manager at the ICO said, "It is essential that police forces ensure the correct safeguards are in place when storing and transferring personal information, especially when it concerns highly confidential information."

She said that it was the lack of awareness of data protection requirements that had lead to this personal information falling into the wrong hands.

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