Cisco Rethinking Software for Reputation-Based Security

Cisco is reconfiguring its software around reputation-based code as part of an attempt to foil malware writers.

The company is reconfiguring its security architecture around a new system based on security reputation. The SystemX architecture is built around building context-aware systems that designed to mitigate malware attacks by recognising threatening behaviour.

Cisco's philosophy is that a multitude of devices will be accessing the internet and a common security policy is difficult for IT administrators to manage. By sharing security policy statements this can be mitigated.

"We need to rethink the entire security architecture," said Ambika Gadre, senior director of Cisco's security business unit.

"The endpoint is fracturing into a million directions."

Cisco is not the only company to come up with this solution. Symantec too is working on a similar system.

Cisco will be adding context-aware facilities to its Adaptive Security Appliances via a software upgrade. The system will be rolled out across the network shortly.

"The success of this will depend on how partners are treated, Neil MacDonald, vice president of Gartner said in an interview.

"The company needs to build up templates IT mangers can use."

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