Ebay Fraud Suspects Arrested

Romanian police have tracked down and arrested 70 alleged fraudsters who are thought to have been involved in running countless scams on the website "Ebay."

The suspected cybercriminals gathered account login details through phishing scams before going on to exploit the position of these trusted accounts. Putting luxury goods on the ebay market, they received a great deal of money and provided the paying consumers with no goods in return.

The goods that were auctioned off included, rolex watches, luxury cars and even a private jet.

Eight hundred victims have been located globally. It is suspected that the criminals have made over 800,000 euros from the scam in the last four years alone.

Complaints from victims led to a joint FBI and Romanian Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) investigation. This culminated in multiple arrests across Romania on Tuesday.

No court date has yet been announced for the suspects.

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