Survery Reveals 25% of British Teens Hack Facebook

A recent survey shows that 25 per cent of British teenagers will hack facebook accounts for fun.

The poll of 1,150 under-19s was carried out anonymously online. Results show that despite 78 per cent of those questioned knew that hacking was wrong, one in four young people did "hack" their friend's facebook accounts, normally by working out a password.

20 per cent of those who admitted to hacking said that they believed they could make money from the practise with 5 per cent viewing it as a possible career option.

"Playing around with computers and trying to understand the system can be leveraged for good and bad purposes," said Reuven Harrison, the CEO of Tufin Technologies, who commissioned the survey.

Harrison said that young people should be educated in order to understand when hacking is unacceptable. "There's a fine line at which point it becomes something bad. Children don't always understand where that line is."

Deputy Chief Constable Stuart Hyde, president of the Society for the Policing of Cyberspace warned, "Hacking is illegal and we need to ensure everyone understands that."

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